The project

The project entitled 7 wonders of Szeklerland has been initiated by the Green Szeklerland Association, supported under the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.

The project aims at promoting some less known nature and touristic values of this region called Szeklerland. It also aims to increase environmental awareness among local young people. During the one year project we will inform young people about the effects and consequences of massive exploitation of natural resources and about the importance of sustainable development. Thus young people can evaluate better the effects of human intervention to our environment and they will contribute to preserving nature values of Szeklerland. Seven wonders of Szeklerland is a project initiated by a team of 147 volunteers. They consider the project an informal training opportunity, where they can improve their competences in the field of managing environmental projects and they can develop their creativity and their organisational skills as well.

The 7+ list

When having a close look at the listed areas one can ask: What is the criteria for selection of these areas and why some other areas are not included? Before compiling the list of these 30 areas we had studied the complete list of protected habitats in the three counties involved in the project (Harghita, Covasna and Mures), we had consulted several organisations and specialists and we had also made on spot visits to be sure we would choose the best possible locations. One might ask why are most of the listed areas in Harghita county? On the one hand most of the protected areas of Maros county can be found in the “Mezőség” region and nearby Sighişoara, regions which fall outside our targeted area. On the other hand county we have tried to explore all the protected areas in Covasna county as well, but we have had difficulties due to the lack of sign posts and information displayed, that would have helped us finding some of the areas. The situation is somewhat better in Harghita county, in most of the cases information boards indicate the protected areas. So Harghita country has not necessarily been prioritized for the reason that most of our volunteer team is from Harghita county.

Our objective keeps to be collecting and promoting nature values of Szeklerland, therefore we are expecting your proposals concerning areas of high nature value, areas that will be promoted together with the hereby listed protected areas. As the specific objective of this project is to promote less known areas, the seven most well-known and best promoted areas of the region are not included into the project.
The omitted areas are: St Anna Lake, Egyeskő (the Single Stone), a Sóhát (the Salt Plateau), a Vargyas-szoros (the Vargyas Gorge) , Medve-tó (the bear Lake), a Súgó-barlang (the Sugo Cave) and Rétyi nyír.

A 7- list

The other category is represented by some negative “values”. Unlike the previous category here we listed not specific areas but general environmental problems and considerations of the region, and we are also looking for possible solutions to these problems.

What can you do?

This thematic website is an important part of our campaign. Hereby we present some areas that are valuable and rich in resources. But we also draw attention to some affected, polluted areas where the exploitation of natural resources has made serious damage.



On this webpage you can vote for the most beautiful and the most damaged areas. When voting, you will have to select 7 of the listed areas, giving each of them a score between 1 and 7. You need to provide your name and your e-mail address for voting. To validate you vote please follow the link that will be posted to your mailbox.

You can follow the voting results on the main page under the TOP 20 link. This is a two-step voting. In the first phase (by the end of 2010) we will have a list of the 20 most preferred areas. Between December and February the contest will go on to select the seven best areas. Thus the most preferred 7 places will be considered the 7 wonders of Szeklerland and we will also have a list of the 7 most urgent environmental problems of the region.

Send us a photo, a report!

We would like to encourage you to visit all the listed areas, to make photos of them, write a report on what you will have seen there. Once you send your report to us we will publish it on the website. As for the -7 list (endangered areas) we expect your ideas for solving the environmental problems. We also welcome further ideas concerning areas that can be included in any of the two categories (-7 and +7).

Suggest us further areas!

We are convinced that there are several areas which are worth to be included among the ones listed on this webpage. If you know any such areas, share them with us, describe them, take photos of them and we will help you to promote them! The photos of the competing areas and the best descriptions of them will be included in the publication promoting the 7 wonders of the Szeklerland, that will be published at the end of the project. The contest will be closed with a photo exhibition that will reflect the beauties of the areas and the importance of their preservation.